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What is CloutFeed?

CloutFeed is a user-friendly mobile app that allows users to access DeSo from the convenience of their smartphones. Say goodbye to computer screens! Make the most out of DeSo with the all-new mobile experience

Our Vision
Enjoy the freedom of decentralization, with the freedom of a mobile app
Access the same features as the web version, & many more!
Buy DeSo & invest in creator coins at a click of a button
Mobile platform
Post what’s on your mind, send direct messages, reclout other posts – completely web-free

Security Audit

A full security audit was made by ImmuniWeb SA, Geneva, Switzerland to ensure CloutFeed is secure and keeps your DeSo seed phrase safe! Not only is it safe to log into @CloutFeed ‘s app with your seedphrase (as it is only stored on your device itself and never on the app’s server or database, and never leaves the app), but it’s actually safer than using a web app since mobile apps have better security than browsers since the app code is sandboxed from other apps!

The mobile application stores the users seedphrase and passphrase via ‘leveldb’ which is then saved inside the application private data directory, within the ‘app_webview’ directory. The resulting file contents can be extracted by an attacker who has physical access to a victim application users device. The seedphrase is only stored on your device itself and never on the app’s server or database, and never leaves the app.

This medium vulnerability comes from the DeSo Identity itself since it stores the plain seed phrase in the local storage of the browser and the same happens on mobile devices. We have addressed this issue since the launch of DeSo Identity to the DeSo team.

If you trust DeSo then technically you trust CloutFeed because we are using the exact same methods DeSo is using. In addition, mobile devices are more secure than web browsers, therefore CloutFeed is still a more secure experience than the DeSo website.

We proposed a solution for this problem by storing the seed phrase encrypted in the secure storage of iOS & Android.

CloutFeed now uses its own more secure open-source method than the DeSo Identity.

Full Security Audit

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