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Our Vision

We at CloutFeed decided to open source the project to continue the vision of BitClout towards decentralization. We aim to invest heavily in supporting the project and allowing any developer contribute while also giving back to our community.

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CloutFeed ♥ Open-Source

We aim to embrace strong values of community, collaboration, and transparency, for the mutual benefit of the platform and its users. Built by the community for the community!


Join The Revolution For Better Future

After a lot of thinking we came to the conclusion that if a private corporation will take control over the decentralized social network then we are back again to where we are now (Facebook, Twitter, etc...). This will just kill the idea and vision of BitClout
Open sourcing CloutFeed will end all the questions about the security of the first BitClout mobile application, and will give the power to people to build a REALLY fully decentralized social network mobile app.
As of today CloutFeed will be a community project managed by the community for the community.
We strongly believe that a mobile application is the way to increase BitClout user adoption tremendously because the fact is that people are not sitting behind the computer on the browser all day. And that is the main reason why we are building CloutFeed.

Help us Shape the Future of Social Media!

We aim to build CloutFeed in a way that merges all the features that you know and love from other social media platform BUT with a Decentralized Backend powered by Bitclout

Security & Transparency
Developers in the open-source community are constantly reviewing code, building improvements, and closing gaps in security
Collaboration & Flexibility
Freedom with the source code allows developers to create unique solutions, which can then be built upon by other members of the community.